The 3D.0 is dead, long live to 3D.1!

Is said that 3D is dead. However, James Blaha, a young entrepreneur with problems of strabismus and videogames lover has created a VR3D game to help those with strabismus or amblyopia problems to see in 3D. That is to say, new 3D applications are born beyond the 3D world that 2D industry and machinery has tried to sell adding 1D to their outdated imagination factories, as if the rest of the humans were stupid machines to consume and pay anything called 3D.

 The basics of stereoscopic 3D were put by Charles Wheatstone 176 years ago with its Contribution to the Physiology of Vision when there no were 2D photography . The basics of 3D.0 was put by James Cameron five years ago by using all innovative and creative digital technologies at their disposal to create Avatar, a work of art in 3D indicating the way to go to return to excite again the world. The basics of 3D.1 are being put by new generations as James Blaha, that without resources but with a lot of imagination and creativity, are able to use the unlimited possibilities of the new technologies to create 3D applications to the service of humanity and not for bring the humanity to the service of 3D speculators.

James Blaha has developed a game called Diplopia, which can help up to a 4% of the world population to correctly view the world and life in 3D. A simple but brilliant idea, that with the social economy help through IndieGoGo (which got a 1027% its modest initial budget), shows the 3D.1 way to follow, the way that the vast 3D.0 audiovisual industry, with all the financial resources at its disposal and a distribution network in decline, have failed to follow to understand the needs of the 3D viewer and address their problems of binocular vision. New generations, forced to fend outside of 3D.0 system in crisis, have in their hands the new future of 3D: the creation, distribution and display of 3D contents and applications put to the service and availability of all pockets and needs of the world, not to keep filling the pockets and needs of a few. The 3D.0 is dead, long live to 3D.1!

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